Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why The Title, Why The Anonymity?

I recently received a query (no pun intended...) from a visitor asking about the reason for the title and other issues related to this blog.

Although my mastery of the dark arts of blogging technology has recently increased from elementary school level to somewhere in junior high, I still haven't quite figured out how to work this template so that it would have a "why this title?" link on it. Any tip in this area would be most appreciated.

That said, I actually wrote a fairly detailed answer to the question raised by the query while guestblogging for Pursuit of Happiness. You can find the essay here, but you will need to scroll down to May 13, 2005 to see the essay. That pretty much explains where I'm coming from, and, in the interest of decorum, I will resist the urge to quote myself. Those who have read alot of Rand will also appreciate that resisting this urge avoids the irony that would be present by my imitating one of Rand's most irritating habits, i.e., her fondness for quoting her own essays as though referring to a secondary source (and thus proving there is more than one way to build nonsense on stilts....)

I am still satisfied with this title, although it probably gives the impression of a level of polarity that has not necessarily been adequately described thus far, and may also give the impression that I too am "A Burnt Out Case." I hope neither the impression or the label are fitting, but can see why they might be possible.

As for remaining anonymous, there is a certain level of freedom that comes with this status. None of my family or friends know I am involved in this project. Moreover, I would prefer that my opponents in the courtroom not be equipped with various portions of my "life story." If the shoe were on the other foot, I know it would help me gain an advantage over an opponent, and you might say I am a lawyer first and a blogger second, at least when it comes to my clients' interests.