Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"It's Not Pretty, But I Like It."

Most mornings, I drive my 4-year old daughter to preschool, which is about a five minute jaunt from our house. Jacqulyn has a fair dose of my temperament, and is likely to remain quiet, lost in her own thoughts unless spoken to, and vice-versa.

This morning, we quietly rode along. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her staring out the window, her mind focused. I was playing Leonard Cohen's "Best of" CD, which, if you know Leonard Cohen's music, is something of an eclectic blend of ballads, ramblings, and sad reminiscences. "How do you like this music?" I asked her, looking for her reaction.

Her response, after a thoughtful pause: "It's not pretty, but I like it."

As they say, from the mouths of babes...