Thursday, May 04, 2006

God's Presence-3 (cont'd)

I woke up on Saturday morning on a mission to find More Than A Carpenter, and to start dissecting it once again. My wife was in Europe, and, although I had some minor details to attend to at work, I had the entire day to devote to the task at hand. I also had a slight hangover to contend with, as I had been out with a couple of pals far too long the night before.

After breakfast, I went to the fairly meager bookshelves of our apartment for the book, and couldn't find it. The more I looked for the book, the more disappointed I became, so, after a time, I went to local bookstores to buy the book. No luck on the first or second try. Finally, I went to a mall with one of "B. Dalton" types of bookstores in it, and purchased a copy. By that time, I had spent almost two hours looking for the book, and was anxious to at least take a look at the Introduction.

So, there I sat on an uncomfortable bench in the middle of a crowded mall on a busy Saturday morning, ice skaters playfully circling the mall's ice rink, cheesy Muzak tunes playing overhead, shoppers walking to and fro, and I read about the reasons why someone might reasonably believe that Jesus died on the Cross and later rose from the dead.