Thursday, October 13, 2005

On Hibernation

In the next few weeks, I will be in jury trials in different parts of the country, moving offices for my lawfirm, serving as an arbitrator for the parties to a complex employment law dispute, and otherwise trying to serve properly in the role of father, husband, counselor, and human being.

In other words, I don't plan to post much for awhile. I'll probably see you again in December.

This is a good thing. My writing of late is fairly pedestrian, and there are many others out in this blogsphere thingee who have much more to say at present than I. I am lucky in that I am temperamentally unsuited to begrudge others their talents. This is not a virtue, but more a bare fact. I have never understood those stingy souls who are threatened by the talent or gifts of others. The talents of others keep the cup half full, not half empty.

I have never done a "blogroll" because, well, it seems just a tad presumptuous to assume that anybody cares what I think of other bloggers. That said, if I were you, I would check out the following during this hibernation:

(1) Politics: check out Soxblog. This guy is big-time smart, has integrity, and is a friend of mine. I love his sense of life (in the Randian sense), and I love that he has a bomb thrower mentality, i.e., that he is willing to pimp-slap the Republicans when the situation calls for it--and God knows, they have deserved it lately. There might be other political bloggers out there more worthy of reading, but it is difficult to think of them just now.

(2) Culture: check out Irate Savant and Pursuit of Happiness. Mr. Savant is either the love child of John Kennedy Toole's Ignatius Reilly and Florence King, or he is otherwise one of the more interesting persons on the planet. Read him, and you'll know what I mean. Pursuit is a man's man. He knows something about what constitutes good wine, good barbecue, and, I think, a good wage. Pursuit is also a friend of mine, and I need to figure out an excuse to get to Chicago and buy him a drink sometime, and soon.

(3) Personal: check out Minerva, who is nothing if not brave. My wife and I spent our honeymoon in London back before the world became really stupid, and I am half tempted to plan a 15-year anniversary trip back so I can buy Minerva some Indian food in SoHo, which is highly doable because she is going to not only survive her current bout with breast cancer, but kick it in the arse with a steel-toed cowboy boot, and then stomp on it with disdain. My prayers are with her. Give The Gnat's Trumpet a look when you get a chance as well. He is an honest atheist--I nicknamed him, by the way, one of my great talents--something I fancied myself as not so very long ago. The story of his blog is poignant and, at times, sad. I look forward to reading how his tale turns out.

(4) Spiritual: check out Three Bad Fingers and Sand In The Gears. Both of these guys are honest Christian men without being weenies or apologizing for their faith. They are making an impact well beyond what they know, and for those of us with daughters, they are examples of the very best kind. Read, for instance, Tony's story of his daughter Caroline and the world's worries will be put in their proper place.

There you go. That is my idea of a blogroll and my excuse for hibernation. See you in December, or maybe even later.