Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Something From Nothing-2

"And so, from nothing, our universe begins." Bill Bryson, A Short History of Time.

Think about the implications of this statement, which, I believe, is a pithy (and orthodox)summary of the materialist worldview. Slow down for a second. Don't reach for your gun just yet--leave your favorite counterargument in its holster; instead, just think about the implications of that statement: from nothing, our universe begins.

Aristotle always assumed that the universe was timeless, that it really had no beginning. Aquinas assumed Aristotle was right, and further considered that if that universe had a beginning, proving the existence of a creator would actually be too easy, because, if something has a beginning, then surely it had to be created.

According to Bryson, however, the creation of the universe took roughly the same amount of time as the making of a baloney sandwich.

There are those who believe that to speak of "miracles" is to speak as a witch-doctor, and yet, these same individuals would never dream of calling Bryson a witch-doctor. I know this because I used to be one of those people, but, deep down, I never could get comfortable with the notion that from nothing, our universe began.