Friday, August 05, 2005

Something From Nothing-1

When I was in the firm grasp of atheism, and especially that muscular form of atheism flavored by the writings of Ayn Rand, a nagging thought occasionally dogged me, the way a sore knee might dog a tennis player: perhaps not enough of a problem to keep me up at night, but at least enough of problem to make me worry about my game, or avoid certain kinds of shots.

The thought that dogged me related to the very first premise of Rand's philosophy, and just about every other naturalistic philosophy: Existence exists. To put this in a less Randian sort of way: Something exists. The big Something, of course, is the totality of the Universe, of which we here on Earth are physically a very small part, but I could never quite grasp how Something could come from Nothing. I understood how my smarter Christian friends solved this dilemma: they said God created the Something. Their internal logic was that a supernatural event was required to explain how Something came from Nothing. I never heard much about how the atheistic converse of this could be so, so I merely put the thought out of my mind, the psychological equivalent of avoiding certain shots to the backhand, in order to protect the bad knee.

Then I met and married somebody who believed in God, and the knee got worse and worse.