Friday, July 29, 2005


I have been experimenting with changes to my Blogger template because, for whatever reason, I have been unable to find a template that provides a clear background with lettering that does not strain my eyes. A good friend of mine recently advised me that many of his pals could trace the slow degradation of their eyesight to reaching the age of 42. Well, I reached that age about a year ago, and sure enough, my eyesight has been going downhill ever since. Thus the experimentation with templates.

More importantly, I wanted to add my favorite Nozick quote to the title of the humble collection of essays, and this new format accommodates the quote much better than the alternatives. The quote in this new template, below my title, is from The Examined Life, one of Nozick's finest books. This weekend, believe it or not, I plan to go to a monastery and spend the night, perhaps to put my money where my mouth is, at least as regards the quote. If anything noteworthy results, I will try to create a post from it.

The goal of this blog has always been to describe the process by which I changed templates, so perhaps it is appropriate that I have once again, well, changed templates.