Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Inheritance-II

My wife and daughter are far across the country vacationing, and, because of a trial setting that requires my presence at work, I have been without them for a few days. Some of you may recognize that the novelty of living alone wears off fairly soon with the passage of time, yet another indication that life does progress, life refuses to become static, and we are not static as we move through life. This is both interesting and exciting.

I took the afternoon off yesterday to "think" about a case I have going to trial in a few weeks. After 18 years of experience in this area, I have found that trial work requires much in the way of attention to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind must be primed, well in advance, in order to offer the freshness and creativity necessary for a worthwhile effort in the courtroom. There is a lot of rote lawyering going on in courtrooms throughout this land because, in my opinion, of short shrift being given to the subconscious mind. My guess is that the same is true for other occupations and professions.

How do I "prime" my subconscious mind? Often, I do so by building stone flowerbeds, other landscaping concoctions made of brick, and the like. I will take an afternoon to engage in such tasks and sure enough, more often than not, a valuable insight about an upcoming case will pop up. An enterprising mental health professional could mine any number of expensive and therapeutic depths in figuring out why it is that I imitate my father's work, however lamely, in order to maximize my creative capacity in my current profession.

Do I really need a trowel or a hammer in my hand to cross-examine effectively?

Today, I made great progress toward a red brick flowerbed, with a pleasant little waterfall standing watch, like a sentinel, over the flowers. This flowerbed, under some theory no doubt, is a monument to my father and a monument to my professional vanity.

Maybe so, but the fact that I have the skills to build them is a welcome portion of my inheritance as well.