Monday, July 25, 2005


He is now a cancer doctor, and he believes in God. He always has.

He is a gentle and a generous spirit. He always has been this way. His work ethic is prodigious, as is his devotion to family. He has street smarts and he has book smarts. When he walks into a room, he exudes a quiet confidence, and others are drawn to him because he is one of those fortunate souls who is clearly without guile. When you talk to him about his worldview, or his belief in God, he is humble, but there is little doubt he is a thinker. The fact that he is a healer--the fact that his occupation is to keep people from dying or relieve their pain as they die--well, that makes him all the more remarkable.

He was nurse long before he was a doctor. He was my best friend long before he was a nurse. None of these labels have changed him. He is the person I alluded to here, the person who convinced me to take college entrance exams, and, as it turned out, we were about the only people from our high school to go to college.

He believes in God. He always has.