Monday, July 18, 2005

An Unexpected Pivot-III

It turns out that by the time I had actually met the mystery friend I have described above and later married, she had been forewarned to be wary of me, not because I was some kind of womanizer (I was not), but because I was opinionated, atheistic, etc.

I very briefly met her in a crowded restaurant the day before the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, but it was not until the rehearsal that I got a good look at her, or that we spent any time with one another. I still can recall jabbering with my fellow groomsmen and seeing her walk into the church that evening. I had the same "holy shit" reaction that, apparently, no small contingent of other men had been having while she was in town. After seeing her go inside the church, I made an excuse to get in the church and get another look at her, while attempting to avoid the appearance of a stalker.

It turned out that we were third in line in the wedding procession, which meant that we walked down the aisle together during the rehearsal. After pulling this maneuver off without any obvious hiccups, we then talked for the first time. We briefly made some small talk about her vacation, her impressions of our town, etc., before we were pulled away to some other component of the rehearsal.

I was smitten, but tried not to show it.

She wasn't and didn't.

The rehearsal dinner was a restaurant across town, and, because the wind was at my back on this particular day, we each arrived at the restaurant well ahead of the rest of the crowd. As we stood outside of the banquet room, my first question to her was what her graduate thesis was about.

Her response: why, Percy Bysshe Shelley, of course.