Thursday, July 14, 2005

An Unexpected Pivot-II

As I mentioned in my last post, the week after I purchased Intellectuals was fairly crowded, and, for reasons I do not recall, I found myself spending a Thursday afternoon helping my soon-to-be-married pal stain his deck. The following weekend was the date of rehearsal dinner and wedding, so my guess is that we were getting his deck ready for some kind of intervening party.

As we were talking, he mentioned that one of fiance's bridesmaids was a mysterious friend who had flown across the country to be in the wedding. He mentioned that she was a green-eyed stunner, "sort of" single, extremely intelligent, and that she had been in town for almost a month already. Because she was completing graduate school, she was not bound by a job or too many formal responsibilities, and was thus able to take an extended vacation. This sounded too good to be true. He also mentioned, however, that men had basically been throwing themselves at her since she the day she had come to town, and that she would be going home the day after the wedding.

This information was news to me, and for reasons obvious to any heterosexual male who has ever been single, these revelations royally pissed me off. I cross-examined my pal as to why I had not been notified of this mysterious friend, why I was learning about her only within days of her departure, why my romantic entanglements were not a higher priority for him, etc. I received no satifactory response, but I knew the answer anyway: the last two friends of his fiance he had introduced me to more or less thought I was, let us be gentle here, an "opinionated, atheistic prick," so what was to be gained by a dating hat trick on this particular issue?

That was about 15 years ago, almost to the day. Today, the "mysterious friend" I have described above shares a picture, with our daughter, on the wall of my office. She is the wife I cherish, a wife I honestly believe I have never deserved. How this came about will be the subject of the posts that follow.

And, if you've come with me this far, you know, at the very least, that I am no longer an atheist.