Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Inheritance-I

Last weekend, I was putting together a workbench for my newly reorganized garage. While laboring in the 100+ degree heat, I noticed, near the very end of the project, that I had put a drawer handle on backwards. I stepped back from the workbench, eyeballed the handle, and was tempted to leave it that way, my mind half-formulating the excuse of "who will notice the difference," or something to that effect.

Just then, I thought of my father, as I often do in contexts such as this. I thought of how, so many times while growing up--whether while finishing concrete or finishing a project--he drilled into my head the importance of doing things the right way. He may have his share of faults, some of which I have already recounted here, but doing things "half-assed" was not one of them. For about 10-12 seconds, my temptation to cut a corner did battle with the lesson of my father, and the lesson won out, at least on this occasion. I wiped away some sweat and spent an extra fifteen minutes taking the handle off and putting it on the right way.

My father died more or less broke, but not without providing his children an inheritance. When I open the drawer of my workbench, I am reminded of a portion of that inheritance.