Saturday, May 28, 2005

An Amplification

Every blog must have a name, right?

That said, I would hope that the title of this blog is not taken too literally. Just as I didn't have orange hair as a younger man, I have no present plans to visit a village of lepers in Central Africa anytime soon.

In terms of essentials, I was for some time taken with the Randian worldview, which, even today, is I believe among the most compelling philosophical frames of reference out there. Again, I am not a philosopher, but I cannot help but think about life and the world a great deal, and the Randian view of existence does have the capacity to occupy one's thoughts to the point of excluding alternatives. The Randian worldview wears distinct grooves in one's mind in a way that (I assume) approaches that of a religious cult. More on the details of this later.

In terms of essentials, I think Querry struggles with questions of faith that any honest, reasonably intelligent person has to admit they struggle with too. Here, I am not referring to technical issues (e.g. evolution), but something more akin to temperamental issues, the issues that cause Querry to continue to "rub the sore" of his faith. More on the details of this later as well.

As I think about this tale, it seems to make sense to talk a little bit about where and how it all began. That will be the topic of the next few posts.