Friday, May 27, 2005


I am not an architect, but my spiritual life is, in significant ways, A Tale of Two Architects.

My literary heroes have always been Roark and Query, two architects, crafted by two masters of the writing trade, Ayn Rand and Graham Greene. I stake no claim as a literary critic, but I know that these fictional characters, in terms of essentials, resemble my spiritual development as an adult. I began adulthood as avowed atheist, and today, 25 years later, I have accepted that God came to this earth in human form to redeem mankind, to offer mankind the gift of salvation. The purpose of this blog is, among other things, to recount the path of these developments, and through an honest recounting, explore issues relating to such a transformation.

Perhaps there is something of use to you in tracing this arc along with me.

I am not a philosopher, theologian, or professional writer, so you may have to bear with me abit. I know where the "plot" of this blog starts, and I have a decent feel for where it ends, but recounting twists and turns in the middle looks to be a challenge to both the memory and honesty. As the happy crooner might say, however, we'll "burn that bridge when we come to it."